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expert voice talentVoice Over Services

Voice Over refers to the conversion of a text transcript into an audio file. The job is performed by professional voice over artists. Voice over recording is done in a variety of applications – e-learning, documentaries, movies, radio, telephone (IVR), company presentations, aviation etc.

Voice over recording is done at Voice over studios. The studios must be completely sound proof and should have high end instruments – microphone, speakers etc.



professional voice artistsProfessional Voice Over Artists

Our Voice over company has professional artists who have sound experience in this field. We have all types of voice talents – male, female, child. Thus, depending on your subject and the content, we shall provide you voice samples which you can choose from.



voice over studioIn-house Voice Over Studio

We have an in-house VO studio where our voice talents record their voice. Our studio is equipped with the latest hi-fi audio instruments and acoustics. Thus, our native VO artists supported with our hi-end VO studio can provide you high quality Voice over services.



all language voice overMultilingual Voice Over

We have native artists who can provide voice recording in their respective mother tongue. Thus, no matter what language (Indian or foreign) that you are looking at, we can provide you the VO services in that language.





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