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professional transcriptionistsProfessional transcription services

Transcription is the process of generating a transcript out of an audio/video file. Ideally, a transcript created from an audio should have exactly the same information as the source. Transcription is a professional’s job and is performed by transcriptionists who have a solid hold on the language and the subject/domain of the audio/video file.


We are experts in transcription and offer quality transcription services in over 150 languages. You can simply share your source file with us and we shall revert with a flawless transcript.



native transcriptionistsNative transcriptionists with domain expertise

We have a team of native linguists who have a thorough understanding of the language and have good listening and writing skills. To ensure quality, we make sure that once a native linguist transcribes your file, it is then reviewed by another native linguist. This multi-pronged quality process ensures an accurate and reliable transcription service experience for you!



transcription + translation at same placeTranscription + Translation – All Under one Roof!

Want to have your audio/video file transcribed and then need the transcript to be translated into another language? We can help you with that. Our native linguist shall do the transcription and then, one of our native translators shall translate the transcript into the target language of your choice.


As a professional transcription services company, we offer these services in multiple India, European, Asian and African languages.



global transcription serviceWe offer our services globally!

No matter which portion of the world you are located, we are just an email / phone call away. We have a widespread branch network across India – Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Pune.


We serve most parts of Europe, Australia and America – New York, California, London, Edinburg, Melbourne, Sydney etc.





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