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Quality - Voice Over / Dubbing

Our quality policy assures error-free services

As a certified company, we are very particular about the quality of our services. We believe in complete customer satisfaction and are of the opinion that quality service is one of the key factors in ensuring customer delight. We follow multi-tier quality policy for each of our services.

We offer voice over and dubbing services in 150+ languages. Our focus on quality helps us achieve 100% client satisfaction. The foundation of our high quality voice over/dubbing services is laid when we select our voice over artists. We are very particular about the expertise, confidence and flow of our VO artists. We have a team of VO artists who are experts in different domains such as e-learning, advertisements, movies, corporate presentations etc. Accordingly, based on the type of recording, we choose a suitable VO artist. The detailed process is enlisted below:

VO/Dubbing flowchart

Our VO studio is equipped with the latest audio instruments including hi-fi microphones, noise cancellation headphones etc. The studio is built with acoustics that ensure that no sound goes out or comes in, thus ensuring a noise free clean audio recording. Right from the analysis phase to recording to review, editing and delivery, we ensure that our team comprising of project manager, artists, director and recording technician works in close collaboration to yield an accurate, lively recorded output. We can deliver the output audio file in the format of your choice (mp3/mpeg/mp4/mpeg4 etc).

Voice Over Domains


  • Professional voice talents
  • Competitive pricing
  • Rapid TAT
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Crystal clear sound quality
  • Easy file sharing