multiple language ivr voiceover

Quality - Captioning/Subtitling

In many cases, instead of dubbing the video to a different language, captions/subtitles are provided. Captioning/subtitling is very useful when the audience cannot understand the audio language. In such cases, captions/subtitles can help viewer understand the video while retaining flavor of the original video language. Voicecription offers high quality captioning and subtitling services. We work in over 150 languages and on all video formats. Thus, whatever language your video might be, and whatever language you want the subtitles/captions, you can simply get in touch with us and we shall provide you a high quality captioned video. We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company with a strong focus on quality.

Our team of linguists, along with our video/audio technicians provides a captioned video that is exactly in sync with the video flow. To ensure quality captioning services, we first transcribe the video to be subtitled, so as to have the complete script ready. Then, (if needed), our localization team translates the transcript into the target language for subtitles. These subtitles are then integrated and synced with the video by our video technician in the presence of video director.

The following flowchart shows the various stages in our multi-tier quality policy for captioning/subtitling services. Our QA team follows a detailed Quality checklist before the captioned video is delivered.

captioning/subtitling flowchart

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