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Your Privacy – Our Commitment

As a professional service company, we are committed to the privacy of your personal information, your content and other details that you share with us.

Your personal information (your contact number, address, email etc) is completely safe with us. We use this information only to process your services and to intimate you about our offerings (you can opt out of this if you wish). We DO NOT share your personal information with any third party.

Source Content

We completely understand that you would need to share your confidential content with us for transcription, voice over, translation, e-learning, dubbing, captioning or any other service that we offer you. Rest assured that your data is in safe hands. We have Non disclosure agreement (NDA) signed with all our transcribers, VO artists and translators.

We are free to sign an NDA with you if you wish to go through the legal confidentiality measures before sharing your content.

Voice Over Domains


  • Professional voice talents
  • Competitive pricing
  • Rapid TAT
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Crystal clear sound quality
  • Easy file sharing