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IVR Voice Over



lively IVRWant your IVR to sound lively?

We offer quality IVR voice over services through a team of professional VO artists. Thus, if you are looking to save your human efforts and put an IVR menu on to your phone lines, we can assist you with that. Depending on your requirements, we can get your IVR recorded in a male/female/child voice.



Professional voice artistsProfessional IVR voice over artists in multiple languages

Our team of professional artists performs the audio recording of your IVR. We work in 150+ Indian and foreign languages, so you can rest assured of a one stop solution for all your IVR needs. As a professional language service company, our parent company, LanguageNoBar, offers translation, so you can simply hand over the English version of the IVR to us, and we can get it recorded with high quality in any language of the world!



crystal clear sound qualityCrystal clear sound through our hi-fi recording studio!

Recording is done in the presence of a professional recordist and director, in our fully equipped studio based in Delhi, India. Our studio has the latest microphones, headphones, speakers and acoustics, thus enabling our IVR artists to record without the slightest noise/disturbance. As a professional IVR voice over company in India, we always encourage our clients to visit our studio and watch live recording being done!



professional voice overRapid TAT and complete confidentiality

As a professional VO company, we maintain complete confidentiality of your data and your personal information. Our project management team starts working on your project immediately after you assign us the task and you can rest assured of a timely, high quality IVR services.




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  • Professional voice talents
  • Competitive pricing
  • Rapid TAT
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Crystal clear sound quality
  • Easy file sharing